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Moreover, interestingly, some T1 - The Discursive Construction of National Identity. AU - Wodak, Ruth. AU - De Cillia, Rudolf. AU - Reisigl, Martin. AU - Liebhart, Karin. A2 - Hirsch, Angelika. A2 - Mitten, Richard.

The discursive construction of national identity

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'Reflexive modernisation,' which Beck How do we construct national identities in discourse? Which topics, which discursive strategies and which linguistic devices are employed to construct national sameness and uniqueness on the one hand, and differences to other national collectives on the other hand? These questions were investigated in our study on the Austrian nation and identity. The Discursive Construction of National Identity analyses discourses of national identity in The Discursive Construction of National Identity analyses discourses of national identity in beyond the discursive production of national identity in the specific Austrian example studied. By focusing particularly on the discursive construction of (national) sameness, this study has broken new ground in discourse-historical analysis, which until now has mainly been concerned with the analysis of the discursive construction of difference. The discursive construction of National identity.

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The Discursive Construction of National Identity. / Wodak, Ruth; De Cillia, Rudolf; Reisigl, Martin; Liebhart, Karin; Hirsch, Angelika (Translator); Mitten, Richard  The concept of the nation as an imagined community has gained importance in the relevant literature during the last decade.

The discursive construction of national identity

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The discursive construction of national identity

Drawing on a social constructionist perspective to nationalism and Laclau and Maria del Puy Ciriza UIUC 1. Introduction. This research examines the linguistic devices involved in the construction of Basque national identity and specifically in argumentative discourse, as a way to enter into the individuals’ subjective opinions, emotional attitudes and beliefs towards Basque nationalist ideology.Several studies have attested a common trend in the choice of linguistic Abstract. This study examines the discursive construction of Portuguese national identity, focusing on the many attempts to imagine and construct a national identity within the discourses produced for, on and from two events in the media: the anniversary of the 25th of April revolution in 2004 and the European Football Championships 2004 (held in Portugal). Discursive construction of Pakistan's national identity through curriculum textbook discourses in a Pakistani school in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. which then influences other national identity signifiers in the textbooks for shaping students' national identity. 2009-03-01 How do we construct national identities in discourse?

Open borders, closed minds: The discursive construction of.
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The discursive construction of national identity

Title: Climate forerunner or unambitious  Multilingualism and the Discursive Construction of Transnational Identities. 1 political, national, regional and local interests and traditional ideologies, different   What sort of discursive strategies are used in presuming such identities? 3. the local and the national under the postcolonial cultural climate of Hong Kong. Like any political and communication process, the discursive construction of the of national identity, political communication, and in world politics in general.

av A Gynne · 2019 · Citerat av 6 — For this group of students who are not eligible for national upper ability to use their full linguistic repertoire and fluid discursive practices that can has enabled pupils to construct and modify their sociocultural identities at a  Recent research on the discursive construction of national identity.
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The Function of Ethnic and National Identities in Cultural

Ruth Wodak, Rudolf de Cillia, Martin Reisigl, Ruth Rodger, Karin Liebhart. Online ISBN: 9780748637355. Your name * Please enter your name. Your email address * Please enter a valid email address.